dam·aged goods
  1. a person regarded as inadequate or impaired in some way.

Damaged Goods Press specializes in publishing books by queer and trans identified people. Damaged goods welcomes all gender variant writers. As long as you identify as queer or trans that’s cool–send your work this way.




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Best of success. Please feel free to send manuscripts to me for blurb.

  2. This sounds absolutely wonderful. As a queer writer with a disability and a spookily vast number of small stories, I’ll certainly work on a chapbook to submit. If you have other preferences or suggestions, I would be glad to hear them. Thank you very much.

    aka Guttersnipe Das

  3. It is encouraging to see a void filled by a needed voice. I wish your team boundless success.

  4. Hey guys this looks fantastic! I have a manuscript that I believe satisfies the chapbook distinction. How do I submit it?

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