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full-length poetry collection

trim: 6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
black & white on cream paper

95 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0997826760
ISBN-10: 0997826762

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**this is a pre-order item and will shipped on or before March 11, 2018**

Praise for RAM:

“RAM is not a project of soft void in its original premise of erasure, but a powerfully-written creation always already in full throttle. Defying premises that gender is ignored in classical texts, ari k. castañeda shows readers how its liminal functions span from margin to core. Here, Aeneid is no longer a myth confined to the cerebral, but a manifesto of unabashed embodiment.”

-Stephanie Kaylor, managing editor of Five:2:One Magazine


“I became so immersed in ram’s story that I began not only to feel empathy for the character but to feel that I was the character, such is the transformative power of castañeda’s writing. Who wouldn’t want to be the force behind the statement, “I’m woman / I plough men / I steel love” and “if heaven exists then it is a field of orgasms?” This is not only a violent reclaiming of woman’s sexuality but a forging of non-binary desire, the wailing of “a body girled then ungirled.” The language revealed by castañeda’s erasures is brimming with “love and black art,” and it is no wonder that “THE CHORUS asks / Didn’t she burn up her / menfolk?” She most certainly did, and we are all here to bear witness. Even the men are in awe.”

-Isobel O’Hare, editor of Dream Pop Press


“ari k. castañeda’s RAM is an otherworldly book. A “a feminist erasure of Vergil’s Aeneid,” it harnesses the liminalities inherent in the media of translation and erasure poetry to create something that is not entirely a translation, nor yet entirely an erasure. As an erasure of a translation of the Aeneid, it straddles many already tenuous boundaries, such as gender, originality, and a familiar story, to create beauty. We are quickly introduced to a new character, Ram, who uses the found text, Frederick Ahl’s Aeneid translation, to sing, not of arms and man, but “of seahorse” and “a land home to rams”. This breaks open the familiar story and uses its pieces to create something new. A handful of the poems in the collection show us castañeda’s thought-process, these poems, all untitled, consist of a line or lines of Latin, treated as material for an erasure poem, and then its translation (by way of Ahl). By perusing this series of poems in the collection, we might, as bilingual readers, wonder how a language with case markers whose word order is quite free, can be translated, erasured, or both, into one where not case, but word order makes meaning; yet, castañeda’s sure hand ensures that we don’t need to know Latin in order to enjoy, appreciate, and marvel at the craft of RAM.” 

-Jordi Alonso, author of HoneyVoiced


read an excerpt in Crab Fat Magazine.



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