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Caseyrenée Lopez is a queer af nonbinary femme. They write poems, edit stuff, and teach undergrads. Follow them on Twitter @caseyreneelopez.









Ella Ann (Willy) Weaver is a nonbinary queerfemme Creative Writing major living in central Virginia.  They spends most of their time reading, writing, listening to music, and crafting. Ella loves exploring nature and learning about the universe. They identify as an atheist/recovering Christian who is currently exploring their gender identity. Their work has been featured in Yellow Chair Review and UnLost Journal. Follow them on Twitter @WillyWeaver89.


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  1. Hey!

    There did not appear to be another way to contact any of you, so I will try here. My Issues of Diversity in Publishing class has assigned a paper where we have to look into a publisher that has a diverse masterhead. Yours obviously does and I was wondering if I could ask some question so that I could write about your press. I hope to hear from you soon!

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