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trim: 8.25″ x 6″ on white paper
ISBN-13: 978-0-9978267-4-6
ISBN-10: 0-9978267-4-6
40 pages

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“& when X means a bedroom window somewhere someone is hiding, thick arms, thick torso, eaten by sharks, hulled from the ocean what it means when X is the land in which we sit and stare at for hours. What happens when X means a body and where it lies forever, what happens when eternity is the seafloor, is what happens when crustaceans take over, what happens when division is no longer mathematics but something far more abstract X + X + what empty mortar shell, a fossil of bravery, you stand here and here and I’ll stand here and we’ll do what we can, we’ll do what we can.”


“In Katie Jean Shinkle’s There Are So Many Things that Beg You for Love, “water is coming to take everything, rising, rising” in “a city that overwhelms [us] in the sense of wickedness, majesty.” A father in a sundress peruses seismic data, a mermaid calls from a tin-can phone, and lovers dance alone in a mansion even though it is “too late.” Shinkle’s language crackles with desire even as it delves into the misfires that occur between self and other, nature and machine, and illusion and understanding. She “hand[s] [us] a grenade and say[s] pull the pin when I get home,” “send[s] [us] a message via undertow,” asserts that we must “stand here […] and I’ll stand here and we’ll do what we can,” even if bravery often feels like “fighting fear with fear.” This work is an urging, an invitation that erupts like a “gun blast of petals.””–Catherine Kyle, poet

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